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    H & S EXPO LANKA is committed to supplying our consumers and customers around the globe with a wide selection of finest, high-quality productat competitive and affordable prices combined with extraordinary customer service and satisfaction from the point of placing the order to delivering to the specified location.
    Our core values determine how we treat our company associates , clients, and partners both locally & internationally. They define who we are and how we execute our duties. It is our guiding light to work together in a united, effective & efficient manner in all the tasks we perform together as a company. Our core values are:
    Partner with Sri Lanka, the Hub of Asia
    The export of fruit and vegetables has become the fourth largest revenue earner for the country after tea, rubber and coconut. The fruit and vegetable industry has been earning over Rs.3,000 billion annually with a 96 percent local added value.
    Fruit and vegetable business all over the world since there is a considerable demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. By 2015, the Sri Lanka targets a revenue of $10 billion and $20 billion in 2020.
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