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    What is Cinnamon M-5?

             Sri Lankan cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) groves lie exclusively in its western and south western regions. In Sri Lanka, cinnamon peeling is a manual process, handed down from generation to generation, almost unchanged from ancient times. U & H Lankafood Exports amalgamates these traditional peeling methods with modern technology in packaging and delivery to bring you the greatest quality cinnamon the world over.

             A well-made cinnamon quill, or "pipe," is a slim cane of uniform thickness, colour and quality, with edges neatly joined in a straight line end to end and looking like a tight roll of golden-brown multi-ply paper. Quills must be firm, compact and free from "foxing" - trade jargon for reddish brown warps caused by dampness. Quills are packed in 45-kilogram bales and classified into 10 grades according to diameter and the number of 42-inch quills to a pound; permissible amounts of foxing are specified for each grade. Therefore, the Cinnamon M-5 grade comprises of 22 whole quills per kilogram which are 16 mm in diameter with a maximum permissible overall extent of foxing of 60%.

             Cinnamon is a well-loved food flavoring agent and is the classic flavor for apple pie, Madeira cake, doughnuts, and for a host of pastries and cookies. Cinnamon’s medicinal properties and their uses in the treatment of Cardio Vascular Disease and Diabetes are currently being researched.

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