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    It is with a certain pride that we attest to the fact that H & S EXPO LANKA is committed to providing premium quality products with an exceptional customer service to our valued & appreciated customers & consumers all over the globe. In addition, as a far thinking company we also believe in the importance of maintaining a sustainable environment for our future generation and working together for the betterment of our
    community for a brighter tomorrow especially for the less fortunate and uncompromising on our responsibilities towards the community. Our establishment is founded on the principles of Fair Trade, which is practiced & followed during our day to day business operations.

    H & S EXPO LANKA purchases organic produce from a network of small scale farmers. However Organic certification is a costly process & therefore rendering it beyond reach for the average small spice/vegetable/Fruit farmers in Sri Lanka. This restricts the farmer's ability to add value to their commodity product. H & S EXPO LANKA has established an Agricultural Extension program to help farmers by recognizing this need.
    Combining Cutting-Edge Technology with Traditional Agriculture
    Our fruit orchards and vegetable farms located at high elevations in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka are renowned for their world-class produce. Perfection remains the key to our final result, and our highly trained staff infuses modern quality-control techniques with traditional agricultural methods to harvest products as nature intended.

    We are proud to proclaim ourselves as the pioneers in greenhouse technology in vegetable growing in Sri Lanka, maintaining state-of-the-art 1,000 square meter greenhouses, fully computerized and equipped with the technology for custom designed fertilization and irrigation systems.
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