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    What is Ambarella (Malay Apple)?

    Found all around the Asian Tropics, Ambarella (Spondias dulcis) is used as a vegetable as well as a fruit. Oval in shape, it is no bigger than a Chicken’s Egg. It is usually green in color, but in rare occasions, when ripe enough, displays a golden hue. Weighing around 50-60 grams each, it grows in clusters containing five to ten fruits and is commonly found in the dry, and transition zones of Sri Lanka. When raw, ambarella carries a sour flavor which gradually sweetens as it ripens. The ripe fruit is a favorite snack of the locals, and is served with a pinch of salt and red-pepper powder. The peel along with the flesh can be eaten, which leaves a brushy seed inside to help with after-snack flossing if need be.

    Amberella is also used as a vegetable, cooked in a thick curry of coconut milk and spices. The fruit is also preserved in Chutney form and is sure to add a spicy kick to any meal.

    Rich in Vitamin C, fiber and minerals, Amberella has a strong revitalizing effect. U & H Lankafood Exports promises to deliver you the finest Sri Lankan Amberella with all the nutrients intact.

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