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    What is Banana?

    A banana, an elliptically shaped fruit, features wonderfully sweet yet firm, creamy flesh gift-wrapped inside a thick inedible peel –a ‘pre-packaging’ provided by nature itself! Bananas are available for harvest throughout the year, but are restricted to tropical or neartropical regions, roughly the area between latitudes 30°N and 30°S.  

    Bananas abound in hundreds of varieties that fall under two distinct species: the sweet banana and the plantain banana.  The true origin of bananas is found in the region of Malaysia around 4,000 years ago. From there, by way of curious visitors, they spread throughout the Philippines and India. They were introduced to Africa by Arabian traders and discovered there in 1482 A.D. by Portuguese explorers who took them to the Americas.

    One large banana packs 602 mg of potassium and carries only 140 calories. That same banana will have 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, vitamin A, a full range of B vitamins, vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium and Magnesium with trace amounts of iron and zinc. Thus, bananas while being instant energy-boosters, help prevent a number of illnesses; making them a must in our daily diet.

    Bananas are usually eaten raw, either alone or cut in slices with sugar and cream, or wine and orange juice. They are also roasted, fried or boiled, and are made into fritters, preserves, and marmalades.

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