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    What is Banana (seeni)?

    Dubbed the forth important crop in the world, banana or Musa acuminate lays claim to about 18 varieties in Sri Lanka. Of them banana (seeni) or “Seeni Kesel” which invariably translates to ‘sweet banana’ is very much sweeter compared to all the other varieties. U & H Lankafood Exports, a home-grown company demonstrates thorough industrial know-how of the agricultural and commercial value of banana (seeni) when delivering their global customer base with high quality bananas (seeni).  

              Seeni bananas; although smaller in size comparatively, are more rounded in shape and are commonly found all around the island of Sri Lanka. Since Seeni banana fruits contain a substantial amount of less compact starch granules in the kernel, there is a great potential to use this variety of banana in the fast-food industry. Thus bananas are grown purposely for commercial purposes as well as for their nutritional value. The banana fruit is rich in calories, but very low in fats. The fruit contains good amounts of health benefiting anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

              Just like regular bananas, this variety is commonly eaten raw as dessert after a meal or a snack in-between meals. Moreover, it is popularly boiled, fried, cooked in coconut cream, made into banana que, used in pork stew and is also prepared as sweetened banana.

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