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    Big Onion

    Big Onions or Allium cepa are also known as Bulb Onions or Common Onions. Among the world’s many varieties of onions, Big Onions are the most commonly cultivated and the most used onion variety around the world. The first use of Big Onions can be traced back to 5000 BC, and it has been used for various culinary as well as non-culinary purposes since.


    Big onions are usually yellow in color but may also come in shades of brown, red, and white. These big yellow onions that turn to a rich dark brown when cooked; are full of flavor and are called for in many recipes across the globe.

    Nutritionally, Big Onions contain significant amounts of calcium, phosphorous and potassium; as well as moderate amounts of protein, fat and fiber.

    Big Onions can be boiled, creamed, steamed, fried, pickled, or simply eaten raw. And they are commonly used in soups and stews.

    Big Onions are known not only for their culinary uses, but also for their medicinal and non-culinary uses. In fact Big Onions are effective against many illnesses ranging from the common cold to heart diseases. Reliable preliminary studies have shown that increased consumption of Big Onions can reduce the risk of head and neck cancers.

    We at U & H Lankafood Exports have years of experience in the fresh produce industry. We source our big onions straight from farms, and guarantee the freshness of every order.

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