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    Cabbage is a  member of the botanical family  of Brassicaceae. The most commonly consumed part of the plant is the “head”, but leaves are also edible. It is grown as a commercial crop in the central regions of Sri Lanka .

    The name cabbage originates from the French word “caboche” meaning head which refers to the most commonly consumed part of the plant. Different varieties have different shapes, leaf textures and colors including green, white and purple.

    Cabbage is found in a variety of dishes and can be eaten raw or cooked. Methods of preparation include boiling, steaming, sautéing and brazing.  A popular method of cabbage preservation is pickling, and pickled cabbages are a popular ingredient in Korean and Chinese cuisine.

    This versatile vegetable is a rich source of beta carotene, Vitamin C and fibre.  One cup of chopped cabbage contains only 22 calories making it a healthy diet friendly food.  Research suggests that cabbage contains chemicals with anti-carcinogenic properties. Boiling this vegetable reduces its anti carcinogenic effect so they are best eaten row.

    As a pioneer in the fresh produce export market, U & H Lankafood Exports promises to deliver the freshest Sri Lankan grown cabbage per your requirement.

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