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    Cabbage -a smooth leafed, firm-headed leafy biennial weighing around 0.45 kg to

    3.6 kg.  Its color ranges from mostly green to sometimes purple or white. Botanically known as Brassica oleracea var. capitata, this leafy green’s origin can be traced back to England and continental Europe to as early as1000 BC.

    Cabbage is a fundamentally a vegetable which can be consumed in many forms including raw, steamed, pickled, stewed, sautéed or braised. Raw cabbage has a slight bitterness as well as sweetness with a crunchy texture.

    Because of its ease of cultivation, cabbage is grown around the world. In Sri Lanka around 11 million hectares of land is being used for the cultivation, producing around 21 million tons of cabbage annually. Cabbage is cultivated as a year round crop in the hilly up-country regions of Sri Lanka, but in the low-country areas of the island it is only cultivated during the wet season.

    Vitamin C, fiber, and beta-carotene are some of the major nutrients embedded in cabbage. The steamed cabbage has the capability to reduce the cholesterol levels of the body. New research indicates that cabbage consists of glucosinolates, which have cancer prevention properties, specifically those belonging to the colorectal group.

    Trying to decide how to pick fresh cabbages in the comfort of your own home? Contact U & H Lankafood Exports today, and we’ll make sure that your order of fresh cabbages reaches hassle-free.

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