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    What is Cinnamon C5 Special

    C5 Special is a grade of cinnamon produced in Sri Lanka. It is only second to Cinnamon Alba in quality terms. Cinnamon is produced from the dried inner bark of the evergreen shrub, Cinamomum Zeylunicum. Once extracted from the tree, the bark is subjected to several steps of processing which give rise to a parchment like end product. This is then rolled into cylindrical structures known as quills.

    Cinnamon is a spice that has a long and proud history. Notable historical characters that have been associated with using cinnamon include Nero and Moses.  The rich and distinct flavor of this spice has led to its use in the production of desserts, candy, liquor and flavored tea.

    The healing properties of cinnamon are being studied by many researchers. Recent evidence suggests that its constituent compounds are effective against viruses and Type 2 diabetes.

    In Sri Lanka, cinnamon is grown during the wet season from May to January. This is when the cinnamon bark is easiest to process. The grades of cinnamon produced in Sri Lanka include, Alba, C5 Special, C5, C4, M4, M5, H1 and H2. The gradation is based on the morphological characteristics of the end product and the processing method used.

    U & H Lankafood Exports is a pioneer in the Sri Lankan cinnamon market and is capable of providing the finest quality Cinnamon C5 special to suit your needs.

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