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    What is Cinnamon C5

    C5 is a grade of cinnamon produced in Sri Lanka. It is golden yellow in color and differs only slightly from C5 Special. The differences are so subtle, only an expert could tell the two apart. Other grades include, Alba, C5 Special, C4, M4, M5, H1 and H2.

    Cinnamon is produced from the dried inner bark of the evergreen shrub, Cinamomum Zeylunicum which is native to Sri Lanka. Cultivation of the plant takes place during the wet season, spanning from May to January, along the coastal belt of the island. The inner bark of adequately matured plants is scraped off and processed to create commercially available product forms. Gradation is based on the morphological characteristics of the end product and the processing methodology followed.

    The distinct aroma of cinnamon comes from its constituent natural oils cinnamaldehyde and eugenol. The richness of this aroma has led to the use of cinnamon as a spice in many different recipes. It is also a key ingredient in many perfumes owing to the woody and alluring quality of its smell.

    The medicinal properties of cinnamon are noteworthy, and recent studies have reported its effectiveness against viruses and type 2 diabetes.

    The International Herald Tribune reported that Sri Lanka produced 90% of the world’s cinnamon in 2006. U & H Lankafood Exports as a truly Lankan company is dedicated to supplying the finest quality Cinnamon C5 to meet your requirement.

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