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    The word Clove comes from the Latin word ‘Clavus’ meaning ‘nail’.  True to its name, Clove or Eugenia caryophyllata is a spice derived from a dried flower bud which grows on an evergreen tree of the family Myrtaceae. These flowers which are pale in colour at the beginning of their bloom grow in numerous clusters, and gradually change their colour to green, eventually turning red when ready to be harvested.

    Cloves are known around the world for their warm and spicy taste and aromatic spirit that has a numbing effect on your palate.  In Sri Lanka, these evergreen Clove trees are primarily cultivated in the mid-country regions.

    Adding flavour and aroma to an array of dishes, Cloves are widely used in curries, marinades or stews. Apart from spicy dishes, Cloves are incoorporated into sweet desserts such as milk puddings and apple pies as well. Cloves are a great source of Manganese, Vitamin C, Calcium and Omega 3.

    Though through ancient times, Cloves have been used for their medical properties to treat digestive and stomach disorders, their most prolific medicinal use has been in treating dental emergencies. The painkilling qualities of the Clove are extremely effective in numbing the pain of toothaches that even contemporary dentists use Cloves in their tooth fillings, anaesthetics and mouthwashes.

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