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    +94 11 2776271

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    We are proud to present you a new spice tea beverage, consists with true natural spices. It has a pure nutritional value and has power to prevent and cure many common ailments. The product is 100% natural without any preservatives colors or flavors.

    DTriangle Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of G.P. De Silva & sons, the No 1 spice exporter in Sri Lanka for last few decades of cinnamon processing & exporting.
    We have been exporting cinnamon for more than twenty countries and our factory has been established with ISO 22000 standards.
    We have offices in United Kingdom & United States.
    Dtriangle (Pvt) Ltd takes much pleasure in introducing ourselves as a company committed to providing customers with value added brands. In our enthusiasm to cater a range of products to all tea loving people around the world, The Company has developed and perfected value-added three different flavors that brings in utmost satisfaction to our consumers. The salient features and benefits of our value-added Tea brands are as follows. 

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