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    Kohila Dalu (Tender Kohila Leaves)?

    Kohila (Lasia spinosa ) is a herb growing in the marshlands of Sri Lanka. The Kohila plant has a thorny pseudo-stem growing out of the ground ending in leaves which branch out like a hand. The thorny pseudo-stem along with the leaf is what is known as Kohila Dalu. Growing in the wet zone of Sri Lanka, the Kohila plant can be found in abundance in local markets all throughout the year, unless in case of a lasting drought which are rare in Sri Lanka.  The leaf is about 30cm long, and the unripe, tender-most ones are the most delicious.

    Kohila is undoubtedly the most renowned and reliable source of dietary fibers known to Sri Lankans. From its use as a bowel regulating medicine in Ancient Sinhalese Medicine, to a modern day dietary recommendation, Kohila is rich in Vitamins and Minerals as well iron, making it the complete package!

    Kohila can be eaten raw in salads, or sautéed with spices. Locals also cook it in a spicy curry along with Coconut Milk. We at U & H Lankafood Exports with our 7 years of expertise are committed to delivering you the best handpicked Kohila Dalu grown in Sri Lanka.

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