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    +94 11 2776271

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    Lumbini Tea is a Sri Lankan based family owned business initiated by Mr. D. Jayawardana in 1984.

    Over the years, as our reputation grew Lumbini Teas had maintained consistency in quality while offering Black teas of high character rich in aroma and flavor which has been the obvious reality in our journey of success which had made our teas being imported in large volumes by many companies and brands worldwide to be sold directly under our garden mark "Lumbini".
    Our teas are made with the use of Handpicked Lush Green Leaves nurtured under optimal weather conditions in a fertile soil in Lumbini Gardens which is in close proximity to the Sinharaja forest reserve which is designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO to bring out the best brew for you. In our attempt to bring out the best and freshest cup of teas we have harvested Lush Leaves, Converted them into Black Teas and have packed them into our packaging at the same source which guarantees Authenticity and Freshness.
    Our passion for producing high quality teas has been noticed by many international institutions including the Specialty Tea Institute of the USA and we have been awarded with many certifications and awards for our teas. Please visit our Awards page for further information on our awards.
    At present we have introduced a new variety of patented tea while creating history in the industry which is known as "Jayachakra Tea" and is exclusively manufactured by Lumbini Tea Factory (PVT) Ltd.
    Treat yourself with a cup of Lumbini Tea and witness the true taste of unblended Garden Fresh Tea.

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