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    What is Mukunuwenna?

                Mukunuwenna or Alternanthera sessilis; better known the world-over as sessile joy weed is the most widely produced and consumed leafy vegetable in Sri Lanka. It is also the most popular of nine leafy vegetables cultivated and sold commercially in the island.

                The Mukunuwenna plant is an erect, more or less branched, glabrous, luscious herb whose leaves are extremely variable in shape and size. The shapes range from linear lanceolate to oblong, oval or obviate-spathulate. Leaves are usually about 1-10 cm long, and thick and succulent. We at U & H Lankafood Exports through our years of experience in exporting Mukunuwenna vouch for its hassle-free cultivation and minimal damage during transport, so that your shipment of Mukunuwenna reaches you in its original succulence and greenery as if though freshly picked from your own backyard.

                This leafy vegetable contains high levels of vitamins, protein and fibre and hence locals consume the plant several times a week making it an almost Sri Lankan staple food. The plants are shredded finely and stir-fried with grated coconut and spices, to be eaten with rice. In many parts of the world, other than Sri Lanka, the leaves and stems of Mukunuwenna are eaten as a cooked vegetable. Mukunuwenna is also used as a cure for simple stomach disorders, diarrhea, and dysentery and as a plaster for diseased or wounded skin.

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