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    Potato is the edible tuber of the Solanum tuberosum plant, which is believed to have originated in South America.

    Potato plants are grown from seed potatoes which are tubers specifically grown for propagation purposes. The seed potatoes grow into plants from which underground tubers arise. At the time of harvest the tubers are dug out of the soil.

    There are about 4000 varieties of potatoes which differ in agricultural or culinary attributes. For culinary purposes, potatoes are classified based on the starch content. Floury or baking potatoes have more starch than waxy or boiling potatoes.

    As the world’s fourth largest food crop, potatoes have a variety of culinary applications. From boiling to frying and stewing to grilling this staple is used in a variety of dishes across the globe.  They are also used in brewing alcoholic beverages including Vodka.

    Recent research suggests that potatoes contain chemicals with heart friendly properties. A single serving contains 278 calories and 48% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C.  The high calorie count may make you want to pass on the potatoes at the dinner table, but if you cut down on oil during cooking, they make a healthy high fibre food. 

    U & H Lankafood Exports’s years of expertise in exporting fresh produce ensures that your order of potatoes reach you on-time, every time.

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